Five reasons to chose an experienced industry lighting partner

Cedric Collard - Schréder Sports Segment Manager
Cedric Collard
Business Segment Manager Industry & Large Area - Schréder

When investing in a new industrial lighting system, it makes sense to call on a specialist company with plenty of experience.
Schréder’s business segment manager - industry & large area, Cédric Collard, offers five reasons why it makes sense to choose an experienced partner.

1. A lighting specialist will be able to provide ALL the products you need

Schréder has existed for 112 years. During that time we have been making industrial lighting products for nearly 40 years and have invested a huge amount in research and development. 

As a result we have lighting ranges to cover every industrial environment – ranging from factories and assembly lines, to logistics centres and mining facilities. 

Because outdoor lighting is every bit as important as indoor, we also have solutions to improve lighting in outdoor areas like loading bays and car parks. We have a wide portfolio of solutions that can be deployed for all your lighting needs.


2. A more powerful R&D operation equals more powerful products

As one of the earliest adopters of LED, Schréder has been able to optimise the potential of this technology over many years. We can provide a higher Colour Rendering Index (CRI) than many of our competitors because we have worked consistently on the efficiency and output of our luminaires.

While many companies make luminaires that offer 160 lumens per watt output, with a CRI of 70, we can offer the same lumen output with a CRI of 80. That means lighting with more accurate colour rendering but without losing any of the output, and ensuring the best lighting comfort.

As we look to deliver new solutions we are currently working with our partners to develop an indoor control system that not only adapts the lighting levels to activities taking place but also makes it possible, with an easy-to-use interface, to deploy and programme the installation.


3. A lighting specialist will be up to date with all the latest codes of practice

Companies who want to have a safe and productive working environment must be aware of the latest guidance and codes of practice. An obvious example would be the IEC recommendations for lighting levels, CRI, glare and uniformity. LEED and BREEAM recommendations are other examples.

We also offer explosion proof products, which have IECEx Certificate of Conformity which is important to have in industrial environments like mining. Whilst these products won’t stop explosions, customers have the peace of mind, safe in the knowledge lighting won’t be a source to cause them harm.

It can be easier said than done to keep track of all this. Partnering with an experienced supplier will take this worry away as they will be able to advise on a system that is compliant with all the relevant recommendations.

And in a period when employers everywhere are becoming more aware of well-being, they can help companies to pursue well-being certification.


4. A lighting specialist will be able to offer extensive design and support services

For a non-specialist supplier, providing lighting can sometimes be a bit of a ‘box shifting’ exercise. That’s not the case with a company, such as Schréder, whose entire business is focused on delivering lighting solutions that cater to each customer’s needs.

As a turnkey solution provider we can adapt our offering to many different applications, providing solutions which take in recommendations for each working environment. For example, the lighting needed in a quality control area may be very different to that required in the back offices. With a company like Schréder it is always possible to choose the most suitable lighting for every space.

Then there are the other services a specialist can provide, such as design and auditing. At Schréder we can undertake an audit of a facility and provide Building Information Modelling (BIM) to design the best solution. Our simulation tools generate precise information about the efficiency, the compliance, layout, sustainability and the total cost of ownership.

By working in partnership with our customers, we can define and manage a plan for the entire project, including installation, commissioning, testing and validation. In short, choosing an experienced partner means achieving the best solution for any project - no matter what it might be.


5. An experienced partner will help you get the most out of your lighting system in the years ahead

With a specialist, the initial investment does not need to be too high. With the latest generation LED lighting systems it is not uncommon for energy consumption to be reduced by 60 to 70%. Our customers enjoy an average payback period of less than three years with fixtures that last more than 10 years.
And even on large-scale system deployments, payback can be as little as 18 months.

But it’s not just about the purchase and installation - it’s about what happens in the years afterwards. For example, a specialist supplier will be able to advise on maintenance for different working environments. This means companies will see a greater return on investment.

So, as you can see, there are a lot of things to consider when selecting a new industrial lighting system! Working with a specialist is the most effective route to addressing them all successfully.

About the writer

Cédric joined Schréder in 2013 with a solid experience in marketing. With his expertise and industry knowledge, Cédric leads the Industry and Large Area Business segments including Sport Lighting and Breeam certification. He collaborates with our research, product development, sales teams worldwide and sport associations to deliver sustainable and energy efficient lighting solutions, tailored to each individual project using the latest in lighting calculation software, lighting management systems and BIM techniques.

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