Prêt-à-porter elegance to suit your city

Toon Reynders - Schréder Group Product Manager
Toon Reynders
Schréder Group Product Manager

We’ve already explained how Schréder works with cities worldwide to create individual pieces to suit their character. But we also have a wide range of off-the-shelf luminaires, poles and brackets that can be configured in countless different ways to create a lighting solution that shows the best of your city’s urban spaces. Think of it as prêt-à-porter, rather than haute couture - unmistakably your style, but with a lower cost and lead-in time.

Designer Pieces, Schréder Engineering

When you’ve been lighting cities for over a century, high aesthetic standards are, well, standard. Whether you want lighting systems that blend in seamlessly, or stand out to make a statement in the urban landscape, there are ready-made fixtures that can do both. 
We have a long history of working with external and in-house design teams to provide complete solutions; we design co-ordinating brackets and poles for our luminaires to deliver an aesthetic ensemble that perfectly integrates and enhances the urban space both by day and by night. The FLEXIA+SOFIA designed by IOL, Yoa+Lyre or Piano+Korda designed by Michel Tortel are just a few to enable towns and cities to find the perfect form.

Because each city is unique, the luminaires and brackets can be arranged in a wide range of configurations. For example, we’ve created stylish wall brackets for streets where poles cannot be installed, luminaires on single brackets to keep the intimate character of small streets, and a larger bracket to support bigger luminaires on wide boulevards. We’ve even created matching double brackets to light both roads and pavements at the same time, so aesthetics are maintained across different urban zones - all building a sense of character.

Lighting the City of Shakespeare? No Drama 

The City of Stratford is located in southwestern Ontario, on the Avon River. To honour the works of William Shakespeare - born in Stratford-upon-Avon, England, in the 16th century - the Canadian city hosts a prestigious annual festival staging his plays in multiple theatres. Festival goers and participants come from all over the world, meaning the population surges from just over 30,000 to over 500,000. 

Piano + Korda ensemble enhance landscape and customer experience at Stratford transit terminal

Making public transport more attractive can make cities more pleasant all year round, not just in festival season, so with joint funding from the Government of Canada’s Federal Public Transit Infrastructure Stream, the City of Stratford completed a total overhaul of their downtown transit terminal in April 2019.

Different sizes of the PIANO luminaire are installed on single and double brackets to light the space in a way that makes passengers feel safe and comfortable during their wait for transport. Drivers can easily manoeuvre in and out of the terminal thanks to the improved visibility. 
That all means fewer cars downtown, making the city more pleasant for everyone.

New Connections, New Lighting

After heavy flooding in 2005, the Swiss city of Lucerne needed to completely rethink the flood defences, landscaping and road layout of the area around Seetalplatz. With 50,000 vehicles a day, five bus lines and numerous cycle paths converging in the square, the city needed something to restore civic pride, improve transport connections and help local businesses.

Teceo luminaires on Ito brackets perfectly integrate and complement the modern landscape of Seetalplatz

In 2012, the local authorities in Lucerne started work on a major project to overhaul the area. Light was a key element, and contributed to the successful rollout with local citizens and businesses. The entire area was lit with ready-made lighting solutions, including the TECEO and DEXO luminaires, which had already proven their efficiency, reliability and cost-effectiveness in the region.
TECEO luminaires were placed on ITO brackets to light the main roads. This attractive pairing of form and function diffuses a bright white light for optimal visibility while providing a clean and modern design that reflects the new identity of the area.
Meanwhile, DEXO luminaires were installed on the catenary cables, providing a soft white glow to light the bus lines and stops. The feeling of security encourages use of public transport, while the aesthetics of the fittings have helped modernise the square’s character post-flooding.

Infinite Options

Every city can benefit from projects like these. Better-lit bus stops, welcoming squares and feature brackets cost a fraction of the price of high-profile signature projects and can do a great deal to improve the daily quality of life for city-dwellers. With a huge range of luminaires, poles and fittings that can be arranged to suit your city’s style - or to harmonise with a bespoke system - public spaces can rapidly be transformed from ordinary to extraordinary.

About the writer
Toon is an industrial engineer in electronics who always had a passion for lighting and technology. He seized the opportunity to join the industry after graduating and now brings his 10 years of experience in sales and marketing to develop lighting solutions for Schréder customers worldwide. 

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