Why versatile LED lighting solutions will benefit any business

Cedric Collard - Schréder Sports Segment Manager
Cédric Collard
Business Segment Manager - Industry & large area

With energy prices relentlessly rising, there has never been a better time for business leaders to reduce overhead costs and increase employee productivity. According to the UK’s Carbon Trust, lighting accounts for over 20% of a site’s electricity bill, yet money is often wasted on poorly-designed systems which don’t benefit the health of your staff, or your finances.

Fortunately, thanks to the latest LED technology there are now versatile lighting solutions to help your employees perform at their best, whilst also lowering your energy bills.

Of course, the lighting that is needed by each employee will change, depending on their specific work environment and role. For example, on an industrial site, multiple operations often happen under one roof - such as packing, picking and shipping. But Schréder offers a lighting solution for every area.

Vehicle safety

Consider a warehouse. Here, forklift truck drivers require uniformly-distributed lighting, so they can navigate the space efficiently and securely. This gives them clear visibility and ensures there are no areas of shadow, which could make it hard for them to see a colleague. This is of the utmost importance - according to Eurostat, during 2015, almost one third (32.2%) of EU fatal accidents at work resulted from losing control of a machine, tool or transport/handling equipment.

If vehicle operators are required to lift goods onto or off high shelving, it is important to ensure that luminaires aren’t too bright, or the glare could temporarily blind them when they look up. An operator who is unable to see, is unable to avoid an accident.

Packing accuracy

In packing zones, your staff will benefit from lighting systems that promote accuracy. For example, employees who are required to read labels will appreciate the vertical light distribution provided by LED high bays. Installed correctly, these luminaires will help them see clearly, work expediently and avoid costly errors because the wrong goods have been dispatched.

Yard considerations

Externally, safety is also of critical importance. In areas where tall vehicles operate, lighting needs to be horizontally distributed and luminaires fixed at the right level to reduce shadows and control glare. It’s also essential that luminaires are positioned high enough that the light isn’t blocked by lorries or other large machinery.
Consider the entry and exit points too. Light fittings installed in the correct position won’t dazzle employees when they leave or enter the area.

Precision lighting

In industrial settings where employees carry out detailed work, colour rendering has a big impact on well-being and productivity. Imagine working in an electrical factory and struggling to identify the colour of the wires - it would be hazardous and stressful. Fortunately, with quality LED installations this is no longer a problem, because LEDs have an unrivalled ability to mimic daylight and show true colour.

The Colour Rendering Index shows just how superior LED systems are. This numeric system, which runs from zero to 100, measures a light source’s ability to replicate sunlight - the higher the number, the more accurately the bulb renders colour. For perspective, Schréder’s LED luminaires boast a CRI of 80 or more, while traditional discharge lamps can have a CRI of less than 50.

This clearly represents a significant difference in the quality of light. It also means that luminaires with a high CRI can be particularly beneficial in areas lacking daylight. Not only can they relieve many of the health consequences of working with low visibility - such as eye strain and headaches - they can also improve staff morale and energy levels.

Productivity and profit

Installing the optimal lighting solution for each area also offers significant financial savings too. Not only will your business benefit from more productive, accurate staff, but energy efficient LEDs will cut your electricity bills.
Schréder’s lighting systems also require less maintenance than traditional discharge lamps, which means another reduction in costs.

Take CTA, who reduced their energy costs by more than 50% and can control the lighting in their warehouse with an easy-to-use web interface, giving them ultimate flexibility.

Modern LED controls can also add to savings. In areas that are not frequently used - such as storage zones - sensors can ensure that the lights are only activated when movement is detected. This mean energy and money aren’t wasted illuminating areas where no light is needed.

Whether it is a warehouse, distribution centre or manufacturing plant, Schréder’s dedicated systems offer a solution to suit your space. Our expertise enables any industrial environment to be transformed into a safe, sustainable and cost-effective workplace, where your employees can enjoy the best possible working conditions.

About the writer

Cédric joined Schréder in 2013 with a solid experience in marketing. With his expertise and industry knowledge, Cédric leads the Industry and Large Area Business segments including Sport Lighting and Breeam certification. He collaborates with our research, product development, sales teams worldwide and sport associations to deliver sustainable and energy efficient lighting solutions, tailored to each individual project using the latest in lighting calculation software, lighting management systems and BIM techniques.

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