Vitré heritage lighting

Customised lighting solution enhances character of this charming historic centre while preserving the environment

The town of Vitré is a pearl of Breton medieval heritage, renowned for its quaintness and rich architecture, with its imposing fortified castle, ramparts and numerous picturesque old timber-framed houses.  

The town decided to revive its nocturnal image and include the lighting infrastructure as a tool in its tourism strategy. Indeed, a rich nocturnal landscape encourages residents to rediscover and visitors to uncover the heritage and the beauty of a town, especially historic centres. 

A guided walk through the old part of the town brings people to the Val promenade, a tourist spot full of ramparts and towers. The town designated a design team, comprising the lighting designers from Quartiers Lumières and Noctiluca and Schréder, along with the contractor MAGEO to deliver a tailored solution that addressed every demand of the rigorous brief. 

Distinctive mask to reflect heritage 

The SHUFFLE was selected to light up the path along the Val Promenade. To emphasise the character and the identity of the town, a special mask was specially designed to be fitted on the luminaires. The design was inspired by the hallmarks of the different textile merchants on hemp cloth which was known as “canvas”. The canvas, made by the local community, was exported to countries across Europe and America by these merchants from the 15th to 17th century. 

These hallmarks, which can be found on various façades throughout the town, are “historical treasures” explains Lionel Bessières, lighting designer at Quartiers Lumières. 

The idea was to create a “historical nod” for people out walking, both during the day and at night. The SHUFFLE luminaires inside the mask deliver a warm white light (2,700K) for a welcoming ambiance

Promenade du Val


Vitré Council


Lighting design: Quartiers Lumières / Noctiluca
Contractor: MAGEO
Installation: CITEOS

A contemporary design to plunge visitors out wandering at night into the past. 

La conceptrice lumière Rozenn Le Couillard & le concepteur lumière Lionel Bessières
Rozenn Le Couillard & Lionel Bessières
Lighting designers at Noctiluca & Quartiers Lumières

Lighting that meets all the requirements 

This bespoke version of the SHUFFLE has imbued the town with a touch of elegance. The new lighting, which is completely unique with an exclusive design, has certainly enhanced the architectural heritage. 

It has also satisfied the town’s requirements for energy efficiency, with a total power consumption of 288W. 

Equally, it respects the guidelines for light pollution, which is not only important for the local community, but also to preserve the local skies as well as the fauna and flora. In particularly sensitive areas, the SHUFFLE luminaires have been fitted with detection sensors to adapt the light according to the activity in the area.  

Highlighting the past with the future 

Through this project, we wander through the old-world charm of this medieval town, discovering its historic heart, its heritage and its past, whilst living in the present and looking to the future through the reflection of light. 

The customised design moderates between the rich heritage of the site, contemporary design, cutting-edge technology, and the unique demands of the client. A perfect balance.