Vitacura’s Smart Green spaces

Stylage luminaires controlled by Schréder EXEDRA enhance 12 squares, creating safer and more convivial environments while cutting energy costs by 73%

Vitacura in Santiago is known as an innovation district thanks to the many companies, international organisations and research centres that are based there. The local authorities are keen to develop this high tech innovation environment and so lead by example.

When they decided to relight 12 parks and squares in the area, they wanted a smart LED lighting solution.
The new lighting had to increase the feeling of safety and create a warm ambiance while reducing operating costs.
They wanted to set a new benchmark for lighting in the area.
They opted for the Stylage luminaire controlled by the Schréder EXEDRA system.

Plaza Raúl Deves

We always want to integrate safety and technology within our budget. And we have achieved that. We are saving a lot of money in energy costs even though we have increased the level of light on the squares. We have done this by choosing LED luminaires and new technology, which is one of the challenges that we set ourselves.

Raul Torrealba
Mayer of Vitacura

A total of 160 Stylage luminaires have been installed on the 12 squares.
Their refined design blend into the squares during the day and they create a welcoming atmosphere in the evening.

Controlled by the Schréder EXEDRA system, the luminaires are dimmed during the night when there is nobody on the squares, enabling the local authorities to reduce energy costs by an impressive 73%.

The local police are also delighted with the new lighting that contributes to creating a much safer environment.

More light is better for preventing crime as it acts as a deterrent. Moreover, this new technology means that the lighting can be adapted at all times which is great progress. We are grateful that the local authorities are co-operating with us.

Eduardo Ramos Machuca
Prefect of the Andes region in Chile