Installation and Commissioning

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of Schréder’s operations. Our teams focus on ensuring an outstanding and seamless experience by providing the best level of services and specialised dedicated resources for the delivery, commissioning, maintenance and support of our lighting and control solutions.

Guilherme Faria
Smart Lighting Solutions Manager

The final steps of a project - its commissioning and handover - is more than a tick-box exercise. It requires care and attention to ensure a new system is performing as efficiently and as effectively as it is designed to do. Quality testing and documentation are vital. Our teams are always on-hand so you can leverage our experience, from training your staff to providing field-support to optimise installation operations.

Schréder teams are available to help install and commission lighting networks

Site skills

Our teams have extensive experience and are competent in delivering complex installations for roads, tunnels, illumination and industry projects. They take a hands-on approach, especially for custom solutions, often involving complex control networks. Their experience proves invaluable, delivering an efficient installation and often working as part of a team of subcontractors. Providing and managing RAMS, lift plans and traffic management are all integral parts of their daily roles.

Schréder teams are by your side when you need it

Testing process

Our teams perform multiple tests during an installation. Site acceptance testing (SAT) confirms that each product is working as it is installed. If faults are identified here, it can save a vast amount of time rather than by resolving them after. 
We ensure all systems are set to work correctly and are subject to exhaustive testing. This enhanced level of oversight is very important for the success of the project. They confirm the operability of the network in terms of its performance, reliability, safety and security. 


Not all lighting installations are complex and need our teams on-site. Indeed, the majority of our smart lighting systems are easily deployed on-site. Our Schréder EXEDRA control system is a plug-and-play solution. An intelligent automated commissioning process recognises, verifies and retrieves the luminaire device data into the user interface so customers can quickly take advantage of all the services it offers. 

Schréder teams help customers put effective and efficient maintenance operations

After-sales service 

All lighting infrastructure will require some level of maintenance over time. Understanding how it can change over its life cycle - be it for a motorway, bridge, tunnel, transit system or building - provides a critical perspective in developing an effective maintenance programme that will ensure efficiency, extend the operational life and reduce operating costs.
With extensive experience in lighting networks, our teams are available to assist with maintenance services while ensuring that the environment is safe for the local community and passing traffic.