Royal Sporting Club Tilffois

Smart football lighting solution adapts to the club’s different needs and cuts energy costs by 60%

Royal Sporting Club Tilffois is a football club for children and adults that plays in the Belgian Provincial League. In July 2021, the region was hit by severe flooding and the club’s infrastructure was completely submerged.

The pitch lighting was also damaged and needed to be replaced. After receiving a grant from Esneux Town Council, the football club decided to upgrade to LED technology and wanted a lighting solution that would; 

We proposed the ECOBLAST LED floodlight controlled by the Schréder ITERRA wireless management system.

Low-energy LED sports lighting that meets football standards

The RBFA requires an average of 80 lux and a uniformity of 75% for a football pitch to meet its standards. To achieve these levels, we proposed 3 ECOBLAST 3 floodlights per pole. Using high-transmission PMMA collimators, the BlastFlex™4 photometric engine offers the highest efficiency with directional beams dedicated to sports lighting. The ability to control light with the utmost precision improves lighting uniformity and helps to optimise energy consumption.

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By replacing the old fixtures with 680W ECOBLAST LED floodlights, the club has reduced its energy costs by 60%, making a significant impact on its budget. The new sports lighting will also drastically reduce maintenance operations due to the long life of LEDs.

Chemin de Halage


Contracting authority: Royal Sporting Club Tilffois
80 lux
ave illumination
energy savings

Football lighting that adapts easily to the club's needs 

To give the club the flexibility it wanted, we proposed the Schréder ITERRA wireless control system to manage the floodlights. It allows the club to easily adapt the lighting to its specific needs via an easy-to-use App on mobile devices. The football club has full control of the floodlights to, for example:

  • switch them on and off;
  • ensure that the lighting is switched off when the football pitch is not in use;
  • reduce the lighting levels by 50% during training sessions;
  • light only half the pitch for children’s training;
  • programme scenarios for different events to guarantee safety around the clubhouse area or path to the car park.

As Schréder ITERRA is a wireless solution, the club did not have to lay any cables, thus avoiding unnecessary work and additional expenses. The Schréder ITERRA GATEWAY LIGHT connects the ITERRA control system to the cloud, using a local Bluetooth 5.0 technology to ensure a stable and reliable connection at all times.

Schréder, the extra player on the team

The football club’s management handled the installation of the new football lighting system with the support of our teams at every stage. From the assembly of the masts to the cabling, from the installation of the floodlights at the right angle to the on-site adjustment and explanation of the Schréder ITERRA system to ensure optimum performance right from the outset.

Once the lighting system was in place, we also carried out measurements on site to confirm that the lighting levels required by the RBFA were in line with the lighting design to guarantee the pitch’s approval.

The managers are delighted with their new high-quality, energy-efficient LED sports lighting system. They particularly appreciate the flexibility and easy management of the lighting.

If you would like to benefit from all the advantages of LED lighting for your sports facilities, contact us.

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