Holbaai beach

Off-grid solar lighting solution enhances visitors’ feeling of safety and well-being

Holbaai is a beach close to Melkbos, a beautiful seaside village on the north-western fringe of the Cape Town Metropolis. It is well known for its tranquillity, wide white beach, water sports and west-coast hospitality. 

The local authorities wanted to install a lighting solution to enhance visitors’ feeling of safety and well-being after dark, and since there is no electrical supply close by, a solar lighting solution was the only option.

Solar lighting for off-grid location

We provided a solar lighting solution that delivers a superior lumen/watt ratio to provide a bright uniform lighting when the sun sets. Visitors have perfect visibility of the area so they can move around in complete safety.

Installed on slim poles, they harmoniously integrate the environment, respecting the beauty of this natural setting.

Responsive lighting

Each luminaire has been fitted with a motion detection sensor. When there is no movement, the light dims down to a low light level to preserve the fauna and flora without compromising on security in the parking area. As soon as there is movement, the light increases to full output.

Technology and design for a long life

The solar lighting luminaires have been built to endure in this harsh coastal environment. They have a high IP 65 and IK 10 protection to resist wind, sandstorms any potential vandalism.

The solar lighting solution uses the latest technology to maximise solar energy and batteries with a long service life of over 10 years to keep the area safe and secure for many years to come.

The local authorities and the local community are delighted with the new solar lighting which has enhanced safety while respecting the natural environment.

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