San Damian Park

Shuffle provides a sustainable lighting solution for this innovation district

Innovation districts like Vitacura in Santiago are changing cities, clustering together startups and accelerators that bring fresh talent and ideas to an area. These districts need modern facilities. The Chilean construction and real estate developer, Moller y Pérez Cotapos, with more than 55 years of experience, is helping to create the necessary infrastructure.

They recently built San Damian Park - an upscale development in Vitacura with residential housing, office facilities and collaborative spaces to promote innovation, creativity, and network-building.

They wanted an innovative and sustainable lighting solution that would contribute to creating a safe yet inspiring environment. It also had to complement the contemporary architecture.

They opted for the Shuffle. This aesthetic modular column was perfect for the location.
A total of 14 columns were installed, providing a bright white light for a safe and comfortable nocturnal landscape with minimum operating costs.

The columns can be upgraded in the future to integrate loudspeakers, surveillance cameras, WiFi modules, EV chargers or sensors for a truly connected environment.

Avenue Las Condes


Moller y Pérez Cotapos