Espinho relighting plan

Smart lighting solution enhances the town’s nocturnal ambiance while significantly reducing energy and operating costs

The extensive beaches and casino of Espinho, a small town on the north coast of Portugal, draw crowds of tourists each year.
As tourism drives the city’s economy, the local authorities are conscious of maintaining its reputation as a dynamic, modern and environmentally friendly town.

In 2015, they decided to replace the lighting in the main streets of the city with LED technology to enhance the town’s nocturnal ambiance. After launching a tender, the local authorities chose 3 Schréder luminaires - Piano, Nano LED and Tempore LED - to replace 2,500 fixtures equipped with traditional discharge lamps.

Piano Mini luminaires were installed in the pedestrian areas of the town city, where the casino, hotels and restaurants are located while the Piano Midi lights the main roads of this tourist resort to guide both drivers and pedestrians in complete safety.

The Tempore LED with its art nouveau design lights the public gardens beside the Town Hall and the large pedestrian street leading to the beaches.
The Nano LED has been installed on the roads and streets on the outskirts of the town.

Just by replacing these luminaires, the local authorities have cut energy consumption by a significant 65% and reduced the operational costs as well as the town’s environmental footprint.

In addition, the town installed the Schréder EXEDRA remote management system to control 500 Piano luminaires on a set of selected roads and pedestrian areas. They can this control and monitor all of these luminaires, either individually or in groups, to adapt the lighting to the real needs of the location and during special events.

Moreover, the new lighting has created a warm and welcoming landscape for the residents and tourists to take full advantage of the beautiful landscape and amenities by night.

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