BMX’ing Park Blegny

Innovative sports lighting solution with Schréder ITERRA control system

The BMX club in Blegny, in the province of Liège, welcomes a range of riders from differing ages and skill levels, including amateur and competition racers, several times a week.

The club places a strong emphasis on providing a fun, friendly and safe experience for their riders. Every year, as the days started to get shorter in September, the club had to stop the practice sessions earlier than usual. To continue these sessions for its members in a safe environment, the club decided to install lighting on the tracks.

The club managers wanted a sports lighting solution that is: 

  • easy to use;
  • energy-efficient;
  • light spill free for neighbouring properties;
  • easy to maintain. 

On top of the club's requirements, the complexity of the track with its undulating terrain and limited access was an additional challenge for choosing the lighting solution.

High uniform lighting for excellent visibility 

After a feasibility analysis, the Schréder team carried out a photometric study and recommended 4 OMNISTAR floodlights fitted with cold white LEDs installed on 4 masts at a height of 10m, managed by the Schréder ITERRA control system.

Rue des Frères Hackin


BMX’ing Park Blegny


Installation contractor: Collignon


installation height

The choice of lighting is particularly important for this sport. Indeed, as the riders race at a fairly high speed, it is essential to have a high level of uniformity on the ground to give clear, unobstructed views of the track.

The cool white light, which we proposed, offers a perfect level of lighting and visibility as well as a high colour rendering for the riders to easily recognise the various obstacles along the course.

Renaud Lacrosse - Schréder - Belgium
Renaud Lacrosse
Area Sales Manager - Schréder BE

The OMNISTAR LED floodlights are fitted with specific optics that direct the light perfectly onto the track, preventing any light pollution for the nearby residents.
Furthermore, the energy efficient OMNISTAR, with its’ robust design and low weight, requires little maintenance, which is a big advantage for the club. 

Control the lighting with an app

The new lighting for the track capitalises on the brand new Schréder ITERRA wireless management system. Thanks to this innovative control solution, the club managers can easily adapt the lighting according to their needs. They are able, for example, to dim the light by 50% if they do not need the full lighting levels or only light half of the track if the other half is not needed for training. And consequently, save energy.

A major advantage of the Schréder ITERRA system is its ease-of-use. By simply installing the Schréder ITERRA app to their smartphone, tablet or connected watch, the managers can change the lighting using Bluetooth. With the app, they can control the luminaires individually:

  • using a photo of the track;
  • through pre-programmed scenarios;
  • through a predefined schedule.

I was surprised at how easy it was to use the Schréder ITERRA app. I just installed it and was able to use it straightaway.

Jean-Paul Colson - BMX'in Park Blegny - Belgium
Jean-Paul Colson
President - BMX'ing Park Blegny

They could also use a press button, configured with the different lighting schedules that they want. 

Another advantage was the easy installation. As this solution is wireless, there is no need to lay new cables. The entire system is contained in nodes that connect with each other and with the application. As a result, this control solution significantly reduces the installation time and costs.

The managers are thrilled as the new lighting solution enables them to extend practice sessions with a low energy consumption.

For the club members, riding under the artificial lighting enables them to maintain a high speed with perfect visibility of the track so they can practice their sport in complete safety.