Passeio das Dunas seafront promenade

Sustainable solar lighting solution creates an engaging public space that can be used 24 hours a day while respecting the natural environment

Today, Passeio das Dunas is an inviting seafront promenade, connecting the two well-known holiday destinations of Quarteira and Vilamoura on the beautiful Algarve coast. 

Inaugurated in May 2021, this urban area was previously considered unappealing to both the local community and tourists as for many years it was underdeveloped, used essentially for disorderly parking.

The public space underwent a significant regeneration in 2 phases with considerable investment from Loulé City Council to improve the quality of life of those who live and work there, but also for the millions of tourists who choose this place as their holiday destination every year.

An eco-friendly, sustainable project

PROAP Architecture Studio was commissioned to manage the project and in collaboration with Loulé City Council defined the main guidelines with a strong focus on environmental sustainability. The regeneration had to: 

  • create a harmonious public space;
  • promote active mobility;
  • respect the natural environment.

A plan was drawn up to create a green area lined with trees to help create a mild and pleasant climate and recreational zones for people of all ages to relax and play. As it was important to create a public space that is accessible to the community 24 hours a day, all year long, a sustainable lighting solution was vital to make people feel safe and secure.

LED solar energy lighting system

As the use of alternative energies was a major objective for PROAP, they entrusted us to develop a solar lighting solution that would achieve their vision. In close partnership, we created the LINHA+ solar luminaire to light the entire Passeio das Dunas.

This solar luminaire, designed by PROAP and developed and produced by Schréder, uses the latest generation lighting technology and lithium batteries with a long service life of over 10 years. It also features an innovative system to connect to the electricity grid if there is ever a lack of solar generation in the unlikelihood of a prolonged absence of sun.

Passeio das Dunas
Quarteira - Loulé


Loulé City Council

Smart energy consumption

The LINHA+ solar luminaire acts smartly. It is programmed to produce more light during the peak hours of night-time activity and to reduce its consumption when little or no activity is taking place in the middle of the night.

Furthermore, the luminaires are fitted with detection sensors that react to movement. When movement is detected within a radius of 10 metres, the lighting switches to 100%. After a certain period of time, when no movement has been detected, the lighting levels are reduced for a more nature-friendly lighting, while at the same time, storing energy in a smart manner.

A well-lit space to enjoy life and nature

The LINHA+ solar luminaire lights the entire 1.2km long coastal promenade connecting the fishing port of Quarteira to the sandy beach of Vilamoura. It ensures a recreational and leisure destination that encourages residents and tourists to walk or cycle between the two highly popular resorts and enjoy the beautiful scenery 24 hours a day. They can also stop and take advantage of the new facilities to exercise or simply relax on a bench. 

A car park was built at each end of the promenade to facilitate access for people travelling by car. The LINHA+ solar luminaire was also installed in the car park in Quarteira while the NEOS LED ensures safety in Vilamoura car park after dark.

The NEOS LED on FARIO columns was also installed along the path between Passeio das Dunas and Vilamoura marina to ensure an aesthetic coherence throughout the area.

The local authorities and the local community are delighted to have regained this large outdoor urban space, especially as it has been achieved in a sustainable manner, respecting the natural environment with a low carbon footprint