Palacio de la Asamblea

The nocturnal appearance of this art-deco city hall has undergone a remarkable transformation, thanks to a stunning new lighting scheme with SCULP floodlights

The city of Melilla, is considered Spain’s second modernist city after Barcelona, thanks to the many art-deco buildings designed by the architect Enrique Nieto, who was a disciple of Gaudí. The highlight is without a doubt the stunning façade of the Palacio de la Asamblea, on the city’s main square, Plaza de España.

This building has a new lighting scheme that was created by the Spanish lighting designer, Francisco Javier Górriz. Unveiled in September 2017, the new illumination is part of a wider, energy efficiency plan to enhance the heritage of the city centre and create a more vibrant space for both residents and tourists using much less energy. It was clear from the concept stage that LED lighting would be the best technology to achieve the desired results.

Plaza de España, s/n


It really is possible to create an identity for a space, that makes residents feel proud, with the energy efficient technology that exists today. We chose the SCULP range by Schréder to illuminate this façade thanks to its compact and rectangular design, which perfectly integrates the architecture with minimum visual impact. Equally, the SCULP range can also be controlled by a range of drivers and control systems for a more dynamic, festive lighting during special events. Through the use of light and shadow, the new lighting has transformed the space, capturing attention and provoking emotion. Design and technology have united to reap the best benefits.

LightingDesigner-Javier Górriz
Javier Górriz
Lighting designer

The SCULPdot lights the entrance and the top floor while the SCULPflood 60 illuminates the lower half of the façade. At night, the façade is bathed in a warm white light that highlights the architectural details of the building to create a strong visual landmark. The scheme is controlled by the DMX protocol and an easy to use system enables the city to create some excitement during festive days and special events.

Thanks to the new lighting, the city will reduce its energy costs by a staggering 92%!