Curro Durbanville High School Sports Facilities

Sports lighting for maximum performance with minimal environmental impact

Curro Durbanville High School is an independent college in Durbanville, Cape Town. Founded in 1998, the school has grown considerably over the past 24 years ago and recently built a new campus to ensure high-quality facilities for its pupils. The campus integrates the latest technology including a rainwater harvesting system to reduce the school’s energy footprint.

The new campus also features sports facilities including a 400-metre athletics track, six hard tennis courts and an astro turf hockey field. The school wanted an highly efficient and cost-effective lighting system for these facilities so pupils could train and play outside of daylight hours and take full advantage all year long. 

Quality sports lighting with minimal impact on the environment

LED lighting was the obvious choice and the school opted for Schréder’s OMNIBLAST platform to light the hockey field and athletics track. This floodlight is ideal for sports facilities looking for performance, energy efficiency and flexibility.

A total of 58 OMNIBLAST were installed on high masts. The floodlights provide a bright white light that ensures excellent uniformity across the track and hockey field so the athletes have perfect visibility at all times. Thanks to the precise optics and modularity of the floodlights, the light is directed exactly to where it is needed, thus reducing light spill to a minimum.

LED lighting to enjoy tennis all year long

The LEDLUME-MAXI was chosen for the tennis courts. It delivers the required lighting levels to provide excellent visibility with high visual comfort so players can enjoy the facilities when the sun sets.

The campus management and pupils are delighted with the lighting that provides the best playing conditions all year long with minimal energy and no impact on the local environment.

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Curro Durbanville High School


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