Ghani-Yalouz Indoor Sports Arena

High-quality lighting and excellent visual comfort for both players and spectators

The Palais des Sports Ghani-Yalouz is an indoor sports arena in Besançon. Home to the city’s professional women's handball team, it has a seating capacity of 3,380 seats and regularly hosts international handball competitions.

The city council decided to refurbish the lighting in the sports complex to bring it up to standard and benefit from a more performing and energy-efficient solution. To replace the old lighting installation and the control management system which had become obsolete, Schréder proposed a complete solution.
The local authorities opted for the OMNIBLAST floodlight to light the court. This LED floodlight provides the lighting levels required for national games. It guarantees a high colour rendering (CRI) with consistency to meet TV standards (TCLI 88) and ensures flicker-free images.

INDU FLOOD floodlights were installed to guide and ensure safety for supporters in the stands. They deliver a powerful and comfortable white light for excellent visibility and better colour perception

The lighting has also been carefully designed to create a festive ambiance! Indeed, to immerse spectators in the atmosphere and encourage the players, the OMNIBLAST floodlights are controlled via a DMX protocol. The local authorities decided to create several scenarios: a dynamic lighting sequence animates the players entrance while the light flashes when a goal is scored!

42 Avenue Léo Lagrange


City of Besançon


Installation: Eiffage Energie Systèmes
Photos & Film: Jean-Baptiste Guerlesquin
1,900 lux
ave illuminance
energy savings

A more energy-saving sequence has been programmed for the training sessions to guarantee the right lighting levels for each activity. 

A total of 28 OMNIBLAST and 10 INDU FLOOD floodlights were installed to provide an illumination level of 1,900 lux with an overall uniformity of 87% for a total power consumption of 33,582W. The new lighting is generating energy savings of approximately 50%.

Thanks to the new lighting solution, the managers are able to guarantee a high-quality lighting and excellent visual comfort for the players as well as the spectators.