St Mary's School Ascot

Lighting solution to improve safety while enhancing the grounds of this leading school in the heart of Berkshire

St Mary's School Ascot is a leading Roman Catholic boarding school for girls aged between 11 and 18. Set across a large 55-acre site, in the heart of Berkshire, the school grounds feature several grand buildings that include two libraries, boarding accommodation, outdoor sports facilities and tennis courts.
The school grounds date back to the late 19th century when the school chapel was built.
In recent years the school has undergone significant redevelopment, opening a new performing arts centre and sports facilities between 2006 and 2009. 

The recent redevelopment of the site now includes an upgrade to lighting infrastructure.
St Mary’s School Ascot commissioned Schréder to lead the design and installation of a new range of exterior fittings across its site.
The estates team at St Mary’s had a clear vision of what they wanted to achieve and tasked Schréder with prioritising student safety and security by creating safe-zones and no-go areas.

We provided a range of our high-performing products for across the site. 

Four SCULPdot floodlights were installed to enhance the stunning architecture and landscape elements of the school grounds. 
The SCULPdot is equipped with 32 high-power LEDs with a soft-edge beam, and has a much lower energy consumption and longer lifespan than traditional HID floodlights. 

Eight Alura LED luminaires, mounted on bespoke timber lighting columns have been installed to provide energy-efficient lighting for the school’s central car park.
With its LensoFlex®2 photometric engine, the Alura LED provides significant energy savings and has low maintenance requirements.

Ten Pharos bollards have also been installed to illuminate pedestrian walkways.
The LEDs are encased centrally and offer extremely clear white light around the entire bollard, providing students and staff with safe and well-lit pathways

The lighting scheme is managed by Schréder EXEDRA which allows real-time control of the estate lighting.
The system is programmed with advanced dimming features that use sensors to reduce the light emitted from a LED when the area is not in use - minimising cost and energy consumption but ensuring student safety is protected

Schréder was solely responsible for the management of the project, from the initial design of the exterior lighting scheme, to the installation of the LED fittings by its team of experienced engineers. 

St Mary's Road
United Kingdom


St Mary's School Ascot

Schréder have managed the complex needs of the project expertly, designing and installing a range of modern LED lighting products to suit the school’s specific requirements. The team worked to the brief and delivered the project on-time and well within budget. The new fittings have enhanced the lighting throughout the site, reduced the school’s overall energy consumption and helped to ensure the students have a safe and well-lit environment in which to learn.

Trevor Clark
Estates Manager - St Mary’s School Ascot