Velser Tunnel

Energy efficient lighting solution provides a safe and comfortable driving experience for the 65,000 vehicles passing through this tunnel every day

The Netherlands’ oldest motorway tunnel, the Velsertunnel, reopened on 16th January 2017.
Built in 1957, the Velsertunnel, which takes the A22 beneath the river Noordzeekanaal between IJmuiden and Beverwijk, was closed by the Rijkswaterstaat (the Dutch motorway authority) for 9 months to undertake extensive renovation and repair work.
It has been upgraded with new emergency sliproads, a digital management system and better ventilation.

To meet the safety standards defined in Tunnelwet, Rijkswaterstaat wanted a new lighting solution with LED technology.
The new lighting would have to ensure complete safety and comfort for all motorists as well as reduce operating costs in the long term.
In addition, an LED solution would reduce maintenance operations leading to less closures of the tunnel and less disruption for traffic.

Schréder worked in collaboration with the construction consortium Hyacint (a partnership between Dura Vermeer, Besix, Spie and Croon), who was managing the project to provide the ideal lighting solution.

The OMNIstar was chosen to light the entrance zone while the FV32 LED lights the transition zone.
The interior zone is lit by the ContiLED.
The luminaires ensure the required lighting levels and provide optimal visual comfort for motorists as they adapt to the tunnel environment while significantly reducing energy costs.

A tunnel lighting solution is not complete without a control system. Schréder worked with Phoenix Contact, a specialist in automation solutions for transport infrastructure to deliver an intelligent control system that enables the Rijkswaterstaat to dim the lights or switch them off when necessary.

The result is a safe tunnel that ensures a fluid flow of traffic with a pleasant driving experience for the 65,000 drivers who pass through every day. Thanks to the high performance of the LED luminaires, the new lighting installation will considerably reduce energy costs.





Construction consortium: Hyacint (Dura Vermeer, Besix, Spie and Croon)
Lighting control: Phoenix Contact