Francisco Rivera Escobar Stadium

Sports lighting solution provides ideal playing conditions at night and contributes to low carbon future

The Francisco Rivera Escobar Stadium, located in Palmira, has been home to a few teams over the years, including Deportivo Cali and Cortuluá. Built in the 1950s, the stadium was renovated in 2015 to upgrade the facilities. A running track was added around the football pitch to enable the city to also host athletic events. 

Today, it is used by the Orsomarso football club, founded in 2016, to host its home matches. With a capacity for approximately 15,000 spectators, it regularly attracts crowds, eager to cheer on their home team. 

Lighting for a winning stadium 

In 2019, the city of Palmira decided to upgrade the lighting in the stadium to help the club live up to its aspirations as an elite sporting team and offer a fantastic matchday experience for fans while reducing its carbon footprint. 

They asked Schréder to draw up a lighting design for the stadium. 

Best possible views 

With extensive experience in lighting sports venue, we know that the most critical element for a successful stadium is to provide a clear, unobstructed view of the pitch for everyone - players must be able to see the ball, anticipate and react immediately while spectators, both in the stadium and at home, don’t want to miss any of the action. 
We proposed the OMNIBLAST. 

Achieving the highest standards

This energy-efficient floodlight integrates specific optics to direct light uniformly onto the field and minimise glare for the players so they can concentrate on the action during matches and training sessions. Spectators also benefit from glare free views to see the ball at all times and enter into the excitement. 

The OMNIBLAST delivers the necessary lux levels to broadcast matches on HD television while maintaining the intimate character of the stadium. With a high CRI to reproduce colours clearly and a high TLCI, to ensure flicker free images including slow motion replay, it meets all the needs of the latest broadcasting technology. Unlucky fans who can’t make it to the stadium are therefore guaranteed great images at home on the TV. 

In addition, the OMNIBLAST meets the highest standards while significantly reducing the energy consumption by 50%. Its robust design, long life and low maintenance will ensure that the city will benefit from these savings for many more years to come. 

A lasting impact 

A total of 62 OMNIBLAST (432 LEDS - 1480W) have been installed on 4 high masts in the stadium. The new lighting is considered a winning solution from all points of view. 

It has improved the safety and well-being of spectators, players and officials in the stadium to help ensure games go smoothly. Furthermore, it is empowering the team to pursue its ambitions and delighting fans.



Palmira Council